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Our trust

Kings Education Trust

Welcome to Kings Education Trust

The Kings Education Trust opened as a MAT (Multi Academy Trust) on February 1st 2018. Our overarching aims are:

  • To provide a world class education for current pupils and future generations of children within our local community.
  • To work in partnership with other schools, to develop strong and sustainable school leadership
  • To accelerate and embed school improvement.

The Kings Education Trust is a VA (Voluntary Aided) MAT but we welcome all schools to join the Trust. Each school within the MAT brings its own individuality and identity. The Trust celebrates the diversity and contributions of all its schools. Church schools and non-church schools can welcome to join our Trust. The only requirement is a collective agreement to work together to promote an education for all our children that stands out. We welcomed Ivingswood Academy and Waterside Primary Academy into our MAT family in March 2022 and are keen to expand further by welcoming other schools who are interested in becoming academies, to work with us and help share the future of Kings Education Trust in its embryonic stage.

 Our plan is to develop the MAT over the coming years and ensuring that the MAT growth is beneficial to all the schools and is sustainable. We intend to initially form local partnerships within Buckinghamshire; in a MAT that understands our unique Buckinghamshire context. Initially, our founding schools will be geographically close to provide support to our staff, pupils and governors and provide the opportunity for collaborative events and training.

 The Trust has project management support available to work on behalf of the joining school during the conversion process and provide additional capacity and support throughout. Having been through the process, practical ongoing school-to-school support can be offered at whatever level is required by the joining converter or sponsored academy.

We believe that ‘Together we are stronger.’ The Trust will establish strong collaboration between the schools and school leaders with the aim of mutual support and collaborative strength.

 Benefits of joining the Kings Education Trust:

  • Increased collaboration between schools for better educational outcomes –
  • Outstanding staff from all schools within the MAT can be deployed as required to strengthen teaching and learning across the Trust.
  • Retention of outstanding leaders, teachers and support staff. Becoming part of a MAT will enable respected staff to stay employed within the Trust with further opportunities for career development and the opportunity to experience working in different schools.
  • Through the annual management account fee set at 5%, financial and other resources can be more effectively deployed.
  • We have a successful track record of applying for additional funding through the DfE only available to MATs to benefit all schools in the Trust – leading to a better environment and better equipment for the children.
  • Annual CPD for trustees, staff and Local Advisory Committees (Governors)
  • Credible, strong school improvement expertise and experience
  • A proven strength in recruiting and training ITT students; to enable placements and support the recruitment and retention needs across the MAT and across Buckinghamshire.
  • Future growth and collaboration between schools is inevitable in the current educational climate and the Kings Education Trust is committed to being pro-active in setting a strong pathway which will benefit local schools and pupils.

I hope this information has been helpful, please do get in touch if you would like further information. 

 Jo Garlick

CEO Kings Education Trust